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QLM summer school

Laboratories for Hybrid Optoelectronics

 Name email  
 Askitopoulos, Alexis, PhD  0044 238059 2766  B46/2097
 Bailey, Christopher, 0044 238059 8809 B46/2117
 Brossard, Mael, PhD

 0044 238059 8809  B46/2117
 Cookson, Tamsin, MPHYS 0044 238059 2766 B46/2097
 Cilibrizzi, Pasquale, PhD 0044 238059 2766   B46/2097
 Lagoudakis, Pavlos,
 0044 238059 9030 B46/5011
 Piana, Giacomo, MSc       0044 238059 8809 B46/2117
 Pickup, Ben, 0044 238059 2766 B46/2097
 Silva, Matteo, MSc 0044 238059 2766   B46/2097
 Tao, Qi, 0044 238059 2766 
 Visiting Researchers:

 Savvidis, Pavlos, Prof  0044 238059 9266  B46/3073
 Grivas, Christos, Dr  0044 238059 9266   B46/3073 
 Pozina, Galia, Dr  0044 238059 9266  B46/3073

Giuseppe Buscemi MPHIL

Dr Hamid Ohadi (post doctorate 2011-2013)

Dr Niccolo Somaschi (PhD 2013)

Dr Junis Rindermann (PhD 2013)

Dr Ruiqi Y. Chen (PhD 2013)

Prof Harley, Richard 

Dr Peristera Andreakou (PhD 2012)

Dr Chunyong LI (post doctorate: 2008-2012)

Dr Elena Kammann (PhD 2012)

Dr Leonidas Mouchliadis (ESF POLATOM) 12/2011-03/2012
Dr Dave English (PhD 2011) 

Dr Zakaria Mihoubi (post doctorate: 2011)

Dr Caryl Richards (post doctorate: 2010-2011)

Dr Yosef Akhtman (post doctorate:2009)

Dr Giorgio Baldassarri (post doctorate:2007)

Dr Soontorn Chanyawadee (PhD 2009)

Dr Ruiqi Chen (PhD 2010)

Dr Peter Eldridge (PhD 2009)

Dr Alastair Grundy (post doctorate:2008-2010)

Dr Sarah Hands (post doctorate:2009-2010)

Dr Maria Maragkou (PhD 2010)

Dr Stefan Rohrmoser (PhD 2010)

Dr Zhongyang Wang (post doctorate 2009-2010)
Currently at

Cavendish, Cambridge, UK

LPN, Paris

Optical Physicist, Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH

ECS, Uni of Southampton, UK

Emeritus Professor

University of California, San Diego
(Butov group)

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Heriot Watt, UK 

Postdoctoral researcher, Attocube GmbH

FORTH, Greece

Post doctoral researcher Leibniz University of Hannover

Post doctoral researcher, Imperial College London

Senior Researcher, EPFL, Switzerland

Associate Director at S&P Capital IQ

Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Postdoctoral researcher, ECS

FORTH Greece

Project Manager, LED Solutions

Freelance editorial assistant

Post doc at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

Product Manager, OSRAM 

Professor in Shanghai, China